Hell’s Gate National Park & Lake Naivasha Tour

1 Day
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Hell’s Gate National Park and Lake Naivasha offer a unique blend of breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife experiences in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. At Hell’s Gate, visitors can explore scenic gorges, geothermal hot springs, and dramatic rock formations, all while watching herds of zebras, buffalos, and antelopes graze on the vast plains. A short distance away, Lake Naivasha, a shimmering freshwater lake, teems with hippos and an array of birdlife, including the majestic African fish eagle. Together, these destinations provide a captivating escape into nature’s raw beauty and a thrilling adventure for outdoor enthusiasts.

Tour Highlights

  • Scenic Gorges Exploration: Traverse the impressive gorges of Hell's Gate, carved by years of erosion, offering unique trekking and climbing experiences.
  • Geothermal Hot Springs: Witness the awe-inspiring geothermal activity of the region with bubbling hot springs and rising steam vents, painting a picture straight out of a fantasy realm.
  • Diverse Wildlife Encounters: Spot herds of zebras, buffalos, antelopes, and more as they roam freely in the vast plains of Hell's Gate.
  • Hell's Gate Rock Formations: Marvel at the iconic Fischer's Tower and Central Tower, nature's astounding rock sculptures which are a paradise for rock-climbing aficionados.
  • Crescent Island Walk: A privately-owned sanctuary, Crescent Island offers a walking safari experience, allowing guests to walk alongside giraffes, wildebeest, and impalas with the lake forming a serene backdrop.
  • Cycling Adventures: For the more adventurous, Hell's Gate offers cycling paths that meander through the park, providing an alternative and exhilarating way to witness the landscapes and wildlife.
  • Ol Karia Geothermal Spa: After a day of exploration, take a dip in the naturally heated spa, courtesy of the underground geothermal activity in the area.
  • Lake Naivasha Boat Safari: Embark on a tranquil boat ride on Lake Naivasha, getting up close with hippos and observing the reflections of the surrounding escarpment and hills in the calm waters.
  • Bird Watching Extravaganza: With over 400 species of birds at Lake Naivasha, bird enthusiasts can look forward to spotting the African fish eagle, kingfishers, pelicans, and more against the backdrop of the glistening lake.


The adventure commences early morning with pickup in your location, as our travelers board the designated tour vehicle amidst the awakening hues of the city. The journey toward the Great Rift Valley promises scenic views, with the vast landscapes stretching out, punctuated by acacia trees and the far-off horizon. By mid-morning, we reach Hell’s Gate National Park, where the rugged terrain and dramatic rock formations immediately capture our attention. We start with a trek through the park’s iconic gorges, feeling the warmth of geothermal activity underfoot, and marveling at the natural wonders sculpted by time. Post the trek, those eager for an adrenaline rush can hop onto bicycles, riding through the park and potentially racing alongside playful antelopes.

On foot continue to the park’s distinctive gorges, where narrow passageways and caves are sunk into sedimentary rock. This walk will take about 40-60 minutes. After head for lunch (own expense), then proceed to Lake Naivasha.

6 hours
2PM-4PM :
Lake Naivasha

The lake, renowned for its birdlife, provides a haven for ornithologists and nature enthusiasts alike. Spot the hippos that linger just at the surface of the water and see some of the diverse birdlife; Kingfishers, Egrets, Cormorants, the African fish eagles, African spoonbill, and little grebe are all common here.

Enjoy an optional gentle boat ride on the lakes’s placid freshwater expanse, where visitors are surrounded by lush greenery and the distant silhouette of volcanic mountains. As the boat sails, the lake springs to life, with hippos occasionally emerging from the depths, their eyes and nostrils peeking above the water’s surface, and a cacophony of bird calls filling the air.

2 hours


  • Hells gate entrance fee
  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel/residence
  • Transport in a private vehicle
  • Fresh bottled drinking water
  • Private hells gate guide
  • Bicycle hire charges
  • Entry/Admission - Hell's Gate National Park
  • Entry/Admission - Lake Naivasha
  • Boat ride


  • Lunch available for purchase

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Hell’s Gate National Park & Lake Naivasha Tour
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