Kenya is one of Africa’s most famous destinations, renowned for its great landscape, abundant wildlife and culture. While there are plenty sources of travel information on the web, piecing together useful travel information on your travel destinations can be difficult. Whether your travels to Kenya are motivated by an eagerness to spot wildlife on safaris, or by your curiosity of its culture, rest assured that this travel guide will help you plan your trip to Kenya and make the absolute best out of it!

Before you go

Here is a breakdown of some crucial elements that one needs to take care of before taking that tour of a lifetime to Kenya:

Visas and Passports

All visitors must have a passport valid for 6months with at least two blank pages and a Kenyan e-visa. Visas are required by everyone except citizens of some Commonwealth countries and certain countries with which Kenya has reciprocal waiver arrangements.

Single entry visas cost US$50, multiple-entry US$100 and transit US$20.

Fortunately, visas can now be obtained upon arrival at any international airport and most overland borders to Kenya. Those who prefer to apply for a visa in advance should obtain an application form from the nearest Kenyan Embassy or High Commission, and allow at least a week for processing.

You can also now convenietly apply for an evisa online from the before your travel through the visa portal You will your via within 48 hours. This application applies for Kenya and East African countries. 

Since these arrangements may change, it is essential to double-check on visa requirements with airlines, tour operators or Kenyan High Commissions or consulates abroad well ahead of the trip.


Kenya falls within the yellow fever zone, which makes it essential that you receive a yellow fever vaccine. It is absolute of good help to take precautions and preventive measures against Malaria. You may chat your clinic officer upon all available anti-malaria medication as well. Protective measures are also advisable like wearing protective clothing or you may purchase a mosquito repellent.

Book tour

national park tour

Kenya is diverse in terms of culture and one needs to specifically have a look at all tour options available. You can contact a travel agent that will help you to make arrangements and from that point, one is able to ask all the requirements concerning the place. This will help you make well based preparations and prevents you from being confused once u arrive in the country. At Rustic Nature Tours, we prodive day tours and safaris to the most prestigious destinations in Kenya. 

Money and budgeting

Kenya’s official currency is the Kenya shilling (Ksh) and is available in 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 bank note denominations, while coins are in denominations of Ksh40, 20, 10, 5 and 1. Be sure to bring along US dollars as many hotels and larger restaurants tend to quote their prices in dollars. Once you are aware of the currency you can now do your budgeting depending on the activities that you may wish to accomplish. It is advisable when budgeting to have a look on food, transport, accommodation and the cost of the various sites you wish to visit.