Nairobi National Park Tour

5 Hours
  • This tour is offered in English
  • Live Safari Tour Guide
  • This tour provides a direct entry ticket.
  • This park offers an all-year-round exceptional game viewing.
  • A fully customized safari vehicle will be used for this tour with pop-up roof.
  • private small group tour


Embark on an unforgettable journey into Nairobi National Park, a remarkable oasis of wilderness set against the backdrop of Nairobi’s bustling cityscape. As the only protected area in the world that sits so close to a nation’s capital, this park offers a unique juxtaposition of urban and natural experiences. Within its borders, you’ll have the chance to witness Africa’s iconic species, including majestic lions, graceful giraffes, endangered black rhinos, and a plethora of birdlife. All of this is just a stone’s throw from the heart of the city, making this tour an ideal escape for those looking to experience the wild wonders of Africa in a short span of time. Secure your spot and let the raw beauty of Nairobi National Park leave an indelible mark on your travel memories.

Our Highlights!

  • Urban Wildlife Oasis: Experience the rarity of a wildlife reserve juxtaposed against a bustling city skyline, showcasing Nairobi's unique blend of nature and urban life.
  • Big Five Encounter: Get a chance to spot several of Africa's iconic 'Big Five' animals, especially the majestic lions and endangered black rhinos, within minutes from the city center.
  • Birdwatcher's Paradise: With over 400 bird species recorded in the park, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a vibrant avian world, capturing the sights and sounds of both endemic and migratory birds.
  • Scenic Safari Drives: Traverse the park's varied landscapes, from open grass plains to acacia bushlands, offering diverse wildlife spotting opportunities in every corner.
  • Convenient Escape: Located just a short drive from Nairobi's central business district, this tour offers the perfect quick escape into the wild, making it ideal for both short-stay travelers and locals alike. Was this response better or worse? Better Worse Same

What To Expect!

You will be picked by our tour guide in your city hotel and start the tour.

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30 minutes
0630AM-1100AM :
Nairobi National Park

Embark on a half-day safari adventure that begins right from the comfort of your hotel. As the sun begins its ascent, casting a golden hue over Nairobi, our luxury tour vehicle will collect you from your accommodation, setting the tone for a day of awe-inspiring experiences. The journey to Nairobi National Park is a short but scenic one, offering glimpses of Nairobi’s cityscape juxtaposed against the looming wilderness on its doorstep.

Upon arrival, the vast expanse of the park unfolds before you, a sweeping vista of open grasslands, scattered acacia trees, and the distant city skyline — a testament to the park’s unique urban-wild interface. With an expert guide at the helm, delve into the heart of the reserve. The morning hours are an opportune time, with wildlife emerging to graze, hunt, and bask in the soft morning sun. Keep your eyes peeled and cameras at the ready; this is when lions, the park’s famed residents, might be seen prowling or lounging, while herds of zebras, antelopes, and buffaloes dot the landscape. The endangered black rhino, a rare sight in many African parks, can often be spotted here, grazing calmly with Nairobi’s skyscrapers in the backdrop.

As the safari drive progresses, the guide will share insights about the park’s ecology, its history, and its vital role in urban wildlife conservation. Midway, there’s a pause for refreshments — a chance to stretch your legs, discuss sightings, and soak in the ambience of the wild.

The latter part of the tour might include a visit to the park’s wetlands, a haven for birdlife. From herons to secretary birds and the occasional migrating species, it’s a birder’s paradise.

As the tour concludes and the vehicle makes its way back to the park’s entrance, there’s a palpable sense of having experienced something extraordinary. In just half a day, you’ve touched the wild heart of Africa, all while remaining within the shadows of a bustling metropolis. As we drop you back to your hotel, carry with you memories of an unparalleled urban safari, unique to Nairobi National Park

4.5 hours

Post the exhilarating half-day safari at Nairobi National Park, the journey doesn’t end. As the urban landscape of Nairobi re-emerges, we navigate towards the Beads Women’s Factory, a testament to the resilience, talent, and entrepreneurship of Kenyan women.

Nestled a short drive away from the park, this factory is more than just a place of business. It stands as a symbol of empowerment and sustainability. Upon arrival, you’re greeted with the vibrant hues of handcrafted beadwork, each piece telling a tale of tradition melded with contemporary design. Necklaces, bracelets, and various adornments dazzle visitors, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship of the women artisans.

The tour begins with an introduction to the history of the factory and its mission to empower local women, providing them not only with employment but also with life skills, education, and health services. As you walk through the facility, witness the entire process of bead-making: from the conception of designs, to the selection of materials, to the intricate threading and finishing of each unique piece. The rhythmic cadence of hands at work, coupled with the soft hum of shared stories and laughter, creates an atmosphere of community and collaboration.

Interactive sessions allow visitors to try their hand at bead-making, guided by the skilled artisans themselves. This hands-on experience provides a deeper appreciation for the dedication and skill that goes into each product.

The tour concludes in the factory’s shop, where finished products are displayed in all their splendor. This is a perfect opportunity to purchase a keepsake or gift, each bead embodying the spirit of Kenya and the aspirations of its talented women.

As the day winds down and we head back to your hotel, the contrasting experiences of Nairobi’s natural and cultural treasures leave an indelible mark, a beautiful blend of wild majesty and human tenacity.

30 minutes

Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Pick-up and drop-off at hotel/residence
  • Entrance fees to Nairobi National Park
  • Custom safari vehicle with open roof for easy game viewing
  • Professional Safari guide
  • Complimentary beads women factory tour & optional souvenir shopping.
  • Bottled drinking water


  • Lunch available for purchase
  • Tips & gratuities


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Nairobi National Park Tour