Hell’s Gate, Lake Naivasha & Lake Nakuru 3 Days Tour

3 Days


Embarking on a thrilling three-day safari from Nairobi, this journey unveils the natural wonders of Hell’s Gate, Lake Naivasha, and Lake Nakuru, offering a glimpse into Kenya’s rich tapestry of landscapes and wildlife. The adventure begins in the bustling city of Nairobi and quickly transitions into the rugged, geothermally active terrains of Hell’s Gate, followed by the serene waters of Lake Naivasha, teeming with hippos and exotic birds. Each day unfolds new marvels, culminating at Lake Nakuru, a sanctuary for flamingos and rhinos. This meticulously crafted itinerary blends wildlife viewing, nature walks, and cultural insights, starting from the dramatic landscapes of Hell’s Gate National Park, where you can cycle with zebras and gazelles, to the tranquil shores of Lake Naivasha, offering a serene connection with nature. The climax is the visit to Lake Nakuru National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its vibrant birdlife and status as a sanctuary for endangered species. Throughout this safari, you’ll engage with Kenya’s rich fauna, flora, and cultural heritage, making this more than just a safari—it’s an immersive journey through Kenya’s natural splendor.

Safari Highlights

  • Geothermal Wonders: Witness the park's unique geothermal activity, including steaming geysers and hot springs.
  • Wildlife Cycling Safari: Enjoy a rare opportunity to cycle amidst giraffes, zebras, and other wildlife.
  • Scenic Gorges and Rock Formations: Explore the dramatic gorges and towering rock formations, a backdrop for many famous movies.
  • Boat Safari: Cruise on Lake Naivasha, observing hippos, diverse birdlife, and the stunning Rift Valley scenery.
  • Crescent Island Sanctuary: Walk among free-roaming wildlife like giraffes, waterbucks, and impalas on this peaceful island sanctuary.
  • Flamingo Spectacle: Marvel at the sight of thousands of flamingos lining the shores of the lake.
  • Big Five Safari: Engage in game drives to spot rhinos, leopards, lions, buffaloes, and perhaps even elephants.
  • Birdwatching Paradise: Discover over 400 bird species in one of the world's greatest ornithological sites.
  • Cuisine: Savor Kenyan culinary delights, offering a taste of local flavors and dishes.
  • Picturesque Landscapes: Travel through Kenya’s stunning landscapes, from rolling hills to expansive savannahs.


  • Morning: Depart from Nairobi early in the morning, heading towards Hell’s Gate National Park, located about two hours away. Enjoy the scenic drive through Kenya’s countryside.
  • Late Morning: Arrive at Hell’s Gate and embark on a guided walking tour or cycling adventure. The park is known for its unique geothermal activity, towering cliffs, and diverse wildlife.
  • Afternoon: Have lunch at a local restaurant near the park. Post-lunch, explore the gorges and hot springs within the park.
  • Evening: Travel to your accommodation near Lake Naivasha. Enjoy dinner and relax for the night.

Lunch, Dinner

  • Morning: After breakfast, take a boat tour on Lake Naivasha. This is a great opportunity to see hippos, a variety of birds, and other wildlife.
  • Midday: Return to your accommodation for lunch and some rest.
  • Afternoon: Visit the nearby Crescent Island Game Sanctuary for a guided walking safari. It’s one of the few places where you can walk among giraffes, zebras, and other animals.
  • Evening: Enjoy dinner at your accommodation, with an option for a night game drive or relaxation.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Early Morning: Depart for Lake Nakuru National Park, famous for its flamingos and rhinos.
  • Morning: Arrive at the park and embark on a game drive. The park is a sanctuary for rhinos, and you may also spot lions, leopards, and buffaloes.
  • Midday: Have lunch at one of the lodges in the park or a packed lunch during a picnic.
  • Afternoon: Continue with the game drive, exploring different parts of the park.
  • Late Afternoon: Begin the journey back to Nairobi, reminiscing about the unforgettable experiences and sights.


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Hell’s Gate, Lake Naivasha & Lake Nakuru 3 Days Tour